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Sentry Investment Partners

Sentry Investment Partners' core mission is to invest, acquire, and grow in the upper scale, full service hotel, resort, conference center, and private residence real estate sector on behalf of Sentry. In addition to our investment mission to deliver long-term solid returns including a reliable flow of income, we elect to invest in projects presented by our Sentry Development Team which ultimately employ more people, grow the economy, and improve the world's environment. 

Sentry Investment Partners invests, acquires, and manages its funds flow of projects presented by Sentry. 

  • SIP invests in Sentry projects based on internal criteria and  market-driven return requirements.


  • Typical Project flow is based on hospitality real estate opportunities stemming from upscale hotels, resorts, conference centers, and private residences.


  • Following Sentry's expansion plans from coast to coast as well as specific destination resorts, SIP invests internal capital, embracing Sentry's complete core mission.


  • Sentry's new supply development pipeline is strong, always meeting  SIP's underlining criteria. 

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